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Licensed Firearms dealer

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What is an FFL? Federal firearms license. A licensed agent can buy, sell and ship firearms legally. A person with an FFL can transfer firearms and hold them for safe keeping if necessary. Generally, anyone who buys or sells a firearm needs to deal through an FFL. If a family member dies handguns that are on that persons permit only must either be surrendered to law enforcement or an FFL within 10days. Persons that may be ordered to surrender weapons to law enforcement such as for a license suspension usually can surrender weapons to an FFL. The FFL will provide you with documentation for law enforcement or your attorney if necessary. Attempting to by pass an FFL for firearm related transactions could result in criminal action against one or more parties. When in doubt contact your local police or a licensed firearms dealer.

I am a licensed federal firearm dealer.  Please contact me if you need any help with estates, transfers, sales or shipping of firearms.  We offer advice and can help with most situations.



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