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HOW Do I buy a Semi-Auto Rifle in New York?

Right now the laws are changing and evolving.  In Onondaga you need a Pistol license with a semi-auto amendment added.  For both premise permit and CCW permit.  Just fill out the form and send it in with a self addressed stamp envelope, your current pistol permit and they will amend it and return it in a few days.

Do I need a pistol permit to purchase a Semi-Auto Rifle:  Yes in Onondaga county (we will update as we get more info)

I have questions about Multi-state permits?

Laws are always changing but we are here to help. 


The best way to get a multi-state permit is to apply for your Florida State permit.   We offer courses to obtain your live fire and safety certifications.  Here are all the links for more info:

Florida Application instructions:

Florida On-Line Application:

Florida finger print instructions:

Where is my permit legal?


What happens if I sign up for a class, but can't make it?

You must contact us 24 hours before the class if you can't make it and we will apply your deposit to a class that suits your schedule. You will always get your service you signed up for if you make arrangements with us.  If you do not cancel or contact us 24 hours prior to class, you are subject to losing your deposit/pre-payment.

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